Silent Hill 2 - Angela Orosco

After the bossfight against her daddy some things became quite obvious. Remember the second meetig with her, in the Blue Creek Appartement. She was totally afraid of being touched by James and she said, that she has been a bad girl. This suits perfectly to the fact that she has been abused by her father. In addition the attack of the 'daddy-boss' is remarkable. He looked distorted and disgusting, captivated to a bed (where he tortured Angela?!) - when he attacked James it looked like he was raping him.
All in all it is clear that Angela has been raped by her father. The fact that she said, she has been a bad girl suits weel, too. As the victim she might accuse herself, she might tell herself that it was her fault.
Immediatly after we met her first, I've been sure that something's wrong with her but I haven't expected this. I'm still asking myself why she is looking for her mama. Because she had never one who could have protected her from her father? Maybe her mother disappeared so she had to replace and act like her father's wife...
Another question: Did Angela use her knife for any self-harm? Would make sense at all...

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