Ein Geschenk - 'The Sunshine after the Rain'

And when it starts to rain again,
Don't forget your umbrella then.
Although getting wet might hurt you
And all that means so much.
Take your chance and go right through,
To stay with your life, in touch!

And they don't seem to understand,
That your way, for whom, is meant.

Staying inside and letting all that go
It is easier this way, you know!
'But being left behind, arouses in your mind'
That alone is far from sucess
And the rain will bless you with happiness.

And the don't seem to care
That your way is for them, to bear.

And every cloud, full of rain
revealing this fearfull pain,
has a warm and sunny day
at the finish of your way!


Manche Geschenke teilt man einfach gerne. Vielleicht weil man dadurch zugleich auch andere beschenkt.

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